trans writers union

statement to trans writers

It’s been a difficult and lonely time for trans creatives, but it doesn’t have to be that way. This union aims to give trans creatives a point to gather around, pool knowledge, share opportunities, and keep one another safe in overtly or implicitly hostile industries.

We offer to put trans creatives in contact with people seeking to platform trans voices; to create clear, accessible ways for trans writers to meet their contemporaries; and to offer support to every trans writer from the budding hobbyist to the published author.

Our initial goals are to host informal meetings for trans writers to genuinely meet one another, and to ask literary players and institutions for open and honest statements. Beyond that, our goals and ideals will be shaped by the conversations we have with other writers, and joining that conversation is as simple as sending us an email.
Doubts, questions? Check the FAQ for details on joining.

statement to publishers

A letter affirming our right to exist does not tell us it is actively safe and comfortable to work alongside any specific press or author. As the past few months have shown us, there is mounting opposition to the existence and very idea of trans people, particularly trans women. This opposition is working in plain sight in the book industry, both in Ireland and beyond, and it is our wish to support trans writers of any type in the face of this.

We aim for collective support and agitation for comfortable working conditions, fair treatment, and access to both financial and creative support for all, while also fostering connections for writers. We believe that trans writers must be prioritised and platformed, instead of having cis authors tell our stories. We believe all literary players and institutes must be responsive to, and engage with, criticisms on transphobia.

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Interested in joining, or offering your support to trans writers? You can contact us at, find us on Twitter, or use the form below.