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In the interest of creating a safer workplace for trans writers, and promoting good practice and accountability across the publishing industry, the Trans Writers Union reaches out to presses, publishers, literary magazines and more, asking them for transparency and advocacy.

At this time we are collecting testimonies of solidarity, but also beginning conversations with these presses on how to proactively engage with trans writers. Accepting submissions by trans writers is a basic standard, not a sign of security or allyship. Going forward, we will keep in touch to create ongoing recommendations for better trans publishing and different ways to platform trans voices.

A browsable database version of this list is available here.

All quotes are from our direct communications with these presses, and will be updated to reflect any new initiatives or opportunities for trans people brought to our attention.
Last updated: 16 September 2021.

3 of Cups Press

This is a wonderful initiative. We absolutely do support this endeavour and we offer to seek, platform and treat fairly all trans writers.

Clare Bogen, founding editor

404 Ink

This sounds a great initiative, and we absolutely back the Trans Writers Union and your objectives. We strive to be an inclusive and welcoming publisher, and that trans writers working with us feel supported – we’d also be more than happy to discuss further ways in which we can better support trans writers going forward. We will also keep an eye out for your list of writers available, as we are always keen to broaden our lists of potential collaborators for projects.

Heather McDaid & Laura Jones, founding editors

Bad Betty Press

We’d love to be on your list of allies, to hear about trans writers available for future projects, and to support any way we can. If you fancied having a chat some time about potential ways we could work together to help platform more trans writers, we’re very up for that.

Amy Acre & Jake Wild Hall, editors

Banshee Press

It’s really encouraging to see the formation of this union. We have published, and are keen to commission more pieces from, trans and non-binary writers and we’re very open to engaging with the union on this. 

Laura Cassidy, co-founder

Blackstaff Press

Contacted 27th November 2020, awaiting reply

Cipher Press

We’re an independent queer-owned and run publisher aiming to amplify queer voices and to champion LGBTQIA+ writers. We publish fiction and creative non-fiction, and are especially keen to publish those who are further marginalised within our own community: people of colour, working class, trans and gender non-conforming authors. We offer our support and aim to platform trans writers. Currently we have our submissions open to trans, non-binary and gender non-conforming writers in the UK as part of an Arts Council funded project #NewQueerVoices. Find out more on our blog:

Ellis & Jenn, Cipher co-founders & publishers


Contacted 27th November 2020, awaiting reply

Dublin Inquirer

We would love to hear from more trans journalists and writers. Usually what we are looking for are reported stories about Dublin, be it housing, transport, local council affairs, food, arts or even just interesting people.

Stephanie Costello, editor and reporter

Dublin Review

The Dublin Review, being committed to publishing prose of the highest quality, enthusiastically encourages submissions from trans writers.

Brendan Barrington, publisher

Extra Teeth Magazine

This sounds like a fantastic initiative and we’re very happy to chat about what we can be doing to better support trans writers and reach them as both readers and contributors. We strive to be a safe space in which trans writers can express themselves, and in which they can be sure that their requests are accommodated and respected.

Heather Parry, editorial director

Ignota Books

Contacted 27th November 2020, awaiting reply

Knight Errant Press

The press does seek to support, platform and treat trans writers fairly. We do not interrogate people at the door regarding their identity, but we do have a track record of publishing LGBTQIA+ authors.

Nathaniel Kunitsky, publisher

Lilliput Press

Contacted 4th December 2020, in conversation

The Liminal Review

It is our express intention to be a completely safe and supportive environment for trans and LGBTQIA+ writers. Both Shauna and Alix identify as Queer and it is our stated goal to publish the work and amplify the voices of those unfairly marginalized in the publishing industry.

Shauna & Alix, editors

Makina Books

Yes, absolutely – we stand with and support all trans lives and we actively support trans writers. Trans lives matter!

Robin Silas Christian, editor

Mercier Press

Once we decide that we are open to submissions again we are happy to accept submissions from people from all communities. We have previously published and have future publications LBGTQIA+ authors.

Deirdre Roberts, general manager

Monstrous Regiment Publishing

We definitely offer our support and this sounds like an amazing idea! Please do let us know anything we could be doing better, and resources about how best to compassionately work with trans people would be welcome any time and we can for sure learn from them.

Ellen Desmond, founder

O’Brien Press

As a publisher, we embrace diversity and oppose discrimination in all its forms. We have published a range of books by LGBTQIA+ authors and featuring LGBTQIA+ characters and are eager to grow this list. We warmly welcome submissions from trans writers. We thank you for your approach and would be happy to engage in further dialogue with you and your members.

Ivan O’Brien, managing director

Skein Press

We support one hundred percent. [The P[L]ay It Forward Fellowship] is a professional development programme for writers from underrepresented backgrounds. We will be providing details of how to apply early next year. It would be great if writers from the trans community apply.

Gráinne O’Toole, editor

The Stinging Fly Magazine

We are awaiting reply from TSF regarding a more proactive approach than inclusive submissions.
A proactive approach to diversity and inclusivity is crucial in redressing imbalances of representation and diversity, both in the pages of our magazine, and the wider cultural landscape in which we all work and create. As such, we strongly encourage submissions by writers from underrepresented areas of society. If you are such a writer we hope you feel encouraged to submit. If you know such writers, please spread the word (with our thanks). And if you have any queries about this, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Declan Meade, editor

The Tangerine Magazine

An enthusiastic yes – we offer our support to seek, platform, and treat fairly trans writers, and are committed to doing whatever we can in this regard. Everyone at the Tangerine is fully behind what you’re doing at the union, and we look forward to the further information and list of trans writers available for events and publication, which will be a great resource. Thanks for all you’re doing. Happy to help in whatever way we can.

Tara McEvoy, editor

Tramp Press

We strive to be a safe, welcoming place for trans writers, and we welcome any steer from you. It’s not enough to sit back passively and wait for under-represented writers to come to us, and so we’re grateful to have this connection with you now.

Lisa Coen, founder

Wild Hunt Books

Although we are just a little seedling of a press, I still wanted to reach out if there was any way to offer support, alliance or connection for your union. I plan to be proactive with the way commissions are sought out, so very happy to work together in the future!

Ariell Cacciola, founder