frequently asked questions

Have you thought about joining the union, but talked yourself out of it? Here’s the answers to a few recurring questions we’ve had from new members.

(The bottom line is: If you’ve thought about it, you’re probably welcome.)

Q: Am I trans enough?

Yes! We’ve gotten this question from non-binary and questioning people, and those with non-Western identities; we don’t interrogate anyone or ask for ‘proof’. There’s more to be gained from including those with common experiences than excluding anyone.

Q: I live outside of Ireland/the UK, can I join?

Yes! The majority of our members are from Ireland and the UK, so we’ll have the most resources available for those areas, but we won’t turn away anyone who needs support or solidarity outside of Ireland and the UK.

Q: Is it okay that I’m unpublished?

Yes! Whether you’re a hobbyist, emerging writer, established author, or anything in-between, you’re welcome.

Q: I’m trans but I don’t write about trans stuff, can I join?

Yes! Trans people should be free to write about whatever they like, from transition memoirs to surreal space operas and everything in between. 

Q: I don’t write in traditional publishing formats, can I join?

Yes! Zine makers, game writers, playwrights, script writers, etc, all are welcome.

Q: I’m in [practice adjacent to writing], can I join?

Yes! Again, there’s more to be gained from working together. In the absence of unions for trans editors, illustrators, typesetters and more, you’re more than welcome.

Q: Is there a signup fee or union dues?

No, we do not have any fees or dues for the moment.

Q: I have another question that wasn’t covered here, can I join?

DM us on Twitter, email or use the contact form below and we can answer any concerns.